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My Chemical Romance 2001-2013

So i got into My Chemical Romance in 2005 after being told if i liked Green Day, i would like them. Turns out i did. A lot. If your from Tamworth then you will remember that time around the same time The Black Parade came out and goths and greebos alike would go to the wall on a saturday to be rock and roll. haha good times! I became very good friends with Emma Smith through this band, and its been cool to watch them grow from an American garage rock band to festival headlining stardom.

I saw MCR on the Danger Days UK tour and thought they were great. Gerard has such charisma as a front man, and as a band they were so tight and musically talented. So upon the news of hearing they had split this week i was understandably gutted. 

Since then there has been a lot of rumours circling the web. Mikey was leaving to start a family and was to be replaced by Lyn-z (Gerards wife). The band had fell out with the record label and by splitting up they escaped the contract and all law suits.

In the last few hours Gerard posted this from his official twitter account.

On first read it shows the creative yet complex personality that is Gerard Way. It states MCR had a ‘doomsday device’ that didn’t come into effect straight away but instead occurred over a period of time. He refuses to name the ‘triggerman’ or the ‘messengers’, but does confirm that My Chemical Romance, as of 2013, are no more.

There is a section where he states about being in a hole. This could have coincided with the decision to delay work on new material and release the scrapped album (conventional weapons) instead. 

He does talk about buying a new amp, and going back the to guitar he wrote skylines and turnstiles on. With the rumour that they are escaping the record contract, maybe this hints at going back to their early sound. Maybe the record label didnt like that and so called MCR a day to restart fesh? When news broke Gerard tweeted a picture of Houdini, an imagine included in the bands first album’s sleeve, which only furthered this idea. In my opinion i think that is the hope that fans are holding on to, but will not happen. 

Frank Iero appears to have already started a new band. In an interview he said they all needed time off to work on new projects and solo stuff. They didnt want to use the word hiatus and have everyone asking when they will be back 24/7 when they themselves are unsure. Therefore by breaking up they dont have to constantly be messaged about the MCR ‘reunion’. 

What is interesting is that Blink and Fall Out Boy all reunited 4 years after ‘splitting’. So maybe MCR will be back in 1460 days. The fan base will still be there thats for sure. 

In my opinion I think My Chemical Romance is defiantly over…for now. I think they will return at some point in the future, i do not believe they are forming under a different name to break a contract. These guys are loaded. If they wanted to do that they could quite easily buy their way out. I think Gerard wants to go back to the roots of his music and will release a solo project or start another band with Ray. But hopefully this is not the last we hear from one of the world best frontmen.


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